More Strength for Rapier

Well strengthened wrists and underarms are essential for yielding rapier, sidesword and sabre in an effective way. Furthermore it is the best method to prevent injuries in the wrist area.

In the following video Stefan will show you five simple exercises you can do at home. All you need is a short dumbbell.

For the following workout you have to do the exercises from the video as often as stated below. Of course left and right hand. For all of you who want it even more difficult, you find additional exercises in the brackets.

  1. Fist Circles
    10 (15) x to the outside
    10 (15) x to the inside

  2. Lift and Let down
    10 x in Terza
    10 x in Seconda
    10 x in Quarta
    (10 x in Prima)

  3. Dumbbell Circles
    10 x to the left, in Quarta
    10 x to the rigt, in Quarta
    (10 x a lying 8, in Quarta)
    10 x to the left, in Seconda
    10 x to the right, in Seconda
    (10 x a lying 8, in Seconda)
    (10 x to the left, in Prima)
    (10 x to the right, in Prima)

  4. Cuts from the wrist
    15 x Mandritto Squalembrato
    15 x Riverso Squalembrato
    (15 x Mandritto Ridoppio)
    (15 x Riverso Ridoppio)

  5. Dumbbell lift and let down to the side
    20 (25) x in Terza
    15 (20) x in Quarta
    10 (15) x in Seconda
    5 (10) x in Terza

Regarding cuts: Mandritti always come from the right side to the left. Riversi from left to right. The Squalembrati as well as the Ridoppi are done diagonal with the long edge.

Depending on how well trained you are, you can in- or decrease the weight of your training tool. You can also in- or decrease the amount of repetitions you perform. You can repeat the presented block of exercises up to three time. Stefan recommends a break of one to two minutes in between.

Take care to warm up your joints before you start. Afterwards you can do some stretching. Stefan would be happy about feedback. Enjoy the workout.