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The Longword Zornhau video series which deals with the first Mastercut in the Liechtenauer Tradition will include the following:

You will learn two different ways how to defend an attack with the Zornhau and use a thrust to counter the attack.
You will also learn how to directly counterattack without thrust.
You will learn how to use the Abnehmen (Taking off above) follow your Zornhauort. Also you will learn ways to counter this Abnehmen.
You will learn how to turn the blade in Winden to change strong and weak of the blade and follow the winding motion with a thrust.
And you will learn how to use this Winden against a Zornhauort. In the end you will see a complex drill which includes Vor and Nach as well as Strong and Weak while the fencer need to take decisions depending on the impulse he gets from his coach.


You can have a look into the Abnehmen video to geht a little insight into the Zornhauort video series:

About the Instructors

Ingulf Popp-Kohlweiss

Discipline: Longsword Liechtenauer Tradition
Video Series:
Longsword Basics (Beginner to Intermediate)
Longsword Zornhau(ort) (Intermediate to Advanced)
Language: German (Austrian Dialect) + English subtitles

I am Ingulf Kohlweiss from INDES. Born 1982. I am trainer at INDES Salzburg (Austria) for longsword, langes messer, dagger and wrestling in Liechtenauer tradition. I started training with the longsword in 2002. Over time I included other weapons. Additionally to HEMA I have been training a lot of other martial arts: Modern sport fencing, boxing, Jujitsu, Capoeira, Taijiquan, Kendo / Kenjutsu and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). I have a strong focus on movement, and being able to do complicated moves in an ease and controlled way is important for me and my training. I believe that a combination of concentrated training and fencing games is great fun and a good way to pursuit mastership.
I have been doing (and sometimes still do) showfights on medieval festivals or in movies. I try to keep myself open for this other way to use a sword and see nothing bad in using it to entertain people. But I do not find time at the moment for this kind of activity.

Some tournaments I participated:
Austrian Championship Longsword 2019 (2nd place)
Dreynevent Tournament 2017 (1st place)
Wrestling middleweight Swordfish 2013 (1st place)
HEMAG Dijon Longsword 2014 (1st place)

Other HEMA members recently called me a „veritable Mozart of the martial arts!“ and a „Wunderkind from Salzburg“. I do not know what this tells about me but what I want to say about myself is that I hold a deep affection for moving, for dancing, for playing and also for fighting. And as a trainer I invite people to try to do the same.

Coming soon.

German version below:


Zornhauort Basics

You will learn the first Mastercut in the Liechtenauer Tradition: The Zornhauort.
"Ort" is the old word for the point of the sword and in this case it stands for a thrust that follows after the Zornhau.
In this interpretation the technique is performed in two tempi. You will find a faster version in only one tempo in the later Zornhau advanced.

Zornhauort Advanced

Zornhauort - simple and masterly. After our first interpretation of the Zornhauort which divided the technique into two tempi we now show a variation which attacks directly and therefore faster to the opening of the oponent. Beside masterly details on footwork, distance and timing we talk about what is simple in the Zornhauort, because as in the fencing manuals described the Zornhauort is nothing else but a simple Bauernschlag (Peasantstrike).

Zornhau without Ort

In this short video we use the Zornhau against a cut from above.
This time we do not use a thrust (ort) against the attack but step closer and cut directly to the face.
As usual it is really important to have control over the strong and weak in the bind.


"Wer dir öberhawt / Zornhaw ort dem drawt. Wirt er eß gewar / Nym oben ab öne far".
This Liechtenauer Rhyme can be translated: "Who cuts an Oberhau (Cut from above) towards you is threatened by the Zornhau-Ort. If he notices it, make the Abnehmen (take it up and off)"
You will train the Abnehmen in different levels. You can choose a difficulty that suits you best. This way you can train your body in and towards a good structure.

Abnehmen Counter

There's a counter for everything. That means that there isn't a single uncounterable technique, because if that were the case, then it'd be good for us fencers. We'd only have to train the one technique and we'd always win with it.
In this video we have a look at a counter against the Abnehmen. We look at the fencing manual, make three slightly different interpretations and in the end choose the one that we like best. Have fun.

Winden with Thrust

We have a look at one of the first described "Winden" in the Liechtenauer System:
In the Zornhauort it is provided as an alternative to the Abnehmen. It is an exciting technique because while we turn our blade to stab him from the outside, our own body (our "Blösen") remains open to an attack from our oponent. During all this we stay in contact with the oponents blade, which allows us "Fühlen" (to feel). This is extremely important to find the right timing, a keyrequirement for this technique.

We start with simple exercises to learn the movement and finish with a complex reaction drill which combines Zornhauort, Abnehmen and Winden. Have fun!

Nimms Nieder

"Nimms nieder" which means as much as "take it down" refers to a technique described after a winding action in the Zornhau pieces. After your opponent has defended your thrust upwards you take your point down and stab him between his hands towards his face or chest. We start with really simple exercises to get used to this movement and then move on to complex reaction drills. Have fun.

Counter the Zornhau

How to counter the Zornhau? You will use a winden with thrust against the Zornhau. From there a long play (Stück) that includes several techniques will establish.
There sure are other ways. If you have ideas feel free to explore yourself.

Indes in Zornhau

An advanced technical lesson that combindes Zornhau(ort) and Winding towards inside and outside. You learn to observe the Vor and Nach in Zufechten and to feel the hard and soft in the Edler Krieg. What you need is a skilled and experienced training partner that gives you clear signals. First train them piece by piece and then combine them. Take your time! Speed comes with routine and competence.