New Video Series: Fitness & Prehab

We are filming videos again. This time it is about prehabilitation which is a series of exercises designed to prevent injury and promote strengthening, agility, flexibility and well-being. We address the classic HEMA problem areas: hips, lumbar spine, wrists, shoulders, breathing and mental strength. These exercise videos present a variety of methods for flexibility and strengthening of these problem areas, which can be used as their own „workout“ or as a „warm-up“ before actually training. Duration approx. 20-30 min per video.

As instructor Leona Vukalic will guide you through the exercises. She is HEMA practitioner herself, additionally she completed the trainings to become a Yoga Teacher and Pilates Professional Coach. She loves and works with movement in all its facets, be it in dance, combat, emotion and breathing, or to free yourself from pain and stress.

Below you find the Teaser for this video series. More videos will follow over the next months.