Instructor vote 2022 – The results

The participation was high

855 points were given in total.
555 points from supporters.
53 points from team members
247 points from lovely outside regular people.

It was a close vote

Only 5 points decided between the first Leona Vukalic (107 points) and the second Michael Kühnel (102points). Thomas Hofer with 102 points had the same amount of points as Michael Kühnel, but became third since Kühnel had more votes from outside the HEMATICS supporter*

*Only votes of HEMATICS supporters and team members count full. Votes of nonsupporters only come to count when there is a draw.

We are looking forward to producing videos with Leona Vukalic on Fitness and Michael Kühnel on Longword Sparring. From now on you find the two of them listed here:

Thomas Hofer and the rest of the wonderful participating instructors (who all got around 75 points) are rewarded with 50€ vouchers of our Sponsor Regenyei Armoury and a T-Shirt of T.HEMA.

Our Sponsors

An honory mention receives Roman Vučajnk who received 56 points from nonsupporters and can be called the publics favorite.

The instructors

Dominik Eaton – Meyer Longsword
Thomas Hofer – Longsword
Michael Kühnel – Sparring Longsword
Roman Ostien – Fiore Dagger
Martin Sereinig – Fitness Rehab
Roman Vučajnk – Meyer Mixed Weapons
Leona Vukalic – Fitness Prehab