Swiss Bears Cup ?⚔

On 3rd and 4th of October HEMATICS visits the Swiss Bears Cup, a tournament near Bern in Switzerland. 46 long sword fencers participate in a well-organized tournament using HEMA Scorecard. A lot of high performing athletes are present.

HEMATICS is present due to three reasons:
1.) Bears belong together. ??
2.) We want to support two of our supporters in the tournament.
3.) We present our project for the first time with a booth.

The Tournament – We support our Supporters.

Our higher supporters get individual support. Two of them, Jonas Bürgi and Georg Mauerhofer participate in the tournament. They have accepted Ingulfs offer to support them as coach. He warms them up and prepares them for the fights. This also includes opponent observation during previous fights and help with tactical decisions. It also means to help dealing with the stress a competition can produce. Our slogan for this weekend:

„You don’t have to be the best, but you have to give your personal best.“

And both did. Jonas Bürgi makes the first place in Open long sword, winning against Marc Schramm in an infamous final of the dwarves (Both fencers in the final are rather small, which is quite uncommon). Georg Mauerhofer makes third place.

For Ingulf it was an honor to work with those two fine gentlemen. Both have clear goals, work hard and progress slowly but steadily over time. They achieved an important and great success this weekend and he is more than happy for them. Well done! HEMATICS supports the tournament with a price: One year of free video tutorials access.
Jasmin Schnyder won this one. Congratulations and welcome on board.

First Booth – Videos, Snacks and a Cool Drink

The HEMATICS Booth already wanted to be present at the Gathering and in Dijon. Both did not happen due to Corona. Now finally for the first time we present our videos on an HEMA event. Participants can sit down, chill and watch some of our videos while having snacks and a cool drink.

It took some work to design and prepare the booth, the transport and assembly also took some efforts. The unique Swiss electricity charger almost ruined everything and reminded us that small things you have not thought of can become big problems.

There are a lot of things to improve. But sitting down with supporters, having a snack and a drink while chatting about our videos and life itself is cool and enjoyable. Although this time only Ingulf is present since Stefan is not allowed to enter Switzerland due to Corona regulations the two of us are pretty happy that the whole event and the first booth happened. We are looking forward to 2021 and hope we will visit the Bears Cup again, then the two of us.