Avoiding & Parrying Thrusts

Is the Vor & Nach more like a coin or like a crossroad?

In this video we will have a look at the Vor & Nach in theory. How can it be used as a basis for your understanding of fencing. How can it bring order into the chaos of a fight. How can it help to guide you in training. In the end we will have a look at it in two fencing plays: The Zornhauort with Abnehmen and the Nachreisen with Streichen.

Tom and Ingulf show some nice and easy ways how you can train your intuitive way of avoiding a thrust. They start with unarmed preliminary exercises. First they are hard against the force of attack and resist. Then they get soft and avoid the pressure. Last they start to use their hands and swords to also protect them. Get moving and try it out, it is a nice way to move your body.